Get Some Tale

We just dug up an archive of sordid “Bedtime Stories” read by our very own Michelle L’amour from her long-running radio show “In Bed with Michelle L’amour”.  We figured, why let them go to waste?  These are erotic classics that were read with loving care.  If you’d like to purchase a CD copy of “In Bed”, check out THE BOOKSTORE.   Included in the collection are “Caught in a Dream” (from badbadgirl), excerpts from “Derriere” by Julius Caldrose, excerpts from “Emmanuelle” by Emmanuelle Arsen, “Kink” by Kathy Koja, “Pick up the Pieces” by Anonymous, “Always I Need” by Anonymous, “The Woman’s Room” by Marilyn French and excerpts from “Tipping the Velvet” by Sarah Waters.

To purchase, click on the CD cover:

INBEDWas she naked when she read them?  Check out the photos find out!

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