Rave Reviews for Naked Girls Reading: Minneapolis’s first salon!!

“Naked Girls Reading Makes a Classy Debut!”

Check out these fabulous reviews from The Star Tribune(and Vita.MN) as well as the local entertainment and style blog, “L’Etoile.” We couldn’t be more excited!

Read the Vita/MN/Star Tribune Review HERE

Read the L’Etoile feature HERE or below:

“Naked girls reading? How naked? Naked naked? Yep. Naked naked. Don’t overthink it. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Embracing great literature, and the female body, these barenaked ladies have read the immortal words of Poe, Salinger and Twain. Just when you thought real life paper books were an archaic thing of the past, a group of gals willing to strip to their birthday suits will reaffirm that reading can be an altogether titillating experience. Keeping a seasonally appropriate theme, the women will read from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, amongst other holiday favorites. -Emily Cain”

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