valentinesNaked Girls Break out the Big Guns Books for Valentine’s Day!

Is Valentine’s Day the sumptuous pinnacle of your romantic year? Or does it drip with odious greeting-card insincerity? Need a place to bask in the glory of love letters read aloud, or to find release in the humor of famous failed marriages? Either way, the Naked Girls have prepared a bit of everything to suit your mood this February. Whether you find yourself loveless in Chicago or doted-upon in London, you won’t have to travel far to find humor, romance, schadenfreude, and well-smithed words, all in the company of your favorite naked literary buffs.

LONDON – 2/14, “Valentine, Schmalentine!”

ASHEVILLE, NC – 2/15, “Best Of…”(Second Anniversary Show!)

AUSTIN – 2/17, “Love is a Many Splendoured Thing”(Inaugural Show!)

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