Join the Revolution!

fapchan-127726449039BE A F-READ-OM FIGHTER!

It’s time for us, as an entire culture of grown ups, to lay down our clothing and take up our books in the name of reading!  Experience the ritual of reading in a remarkable way.  Join us July 5th, 2013 for International READ NAKED DAY and spend some time reading in the raw.

tumblr_lmcxth7UmA1qkskn9o1_400We encourage anyone and everyone (18 and up) to do it.  Take time to set the scene and disengage from distraction.  Take back the important ritual of reading and claim your place as a F-READ-OM FIGHTER!

tumblr_lliwfpT82r1qkskn9o1_1280For information and to take the Read Naked Day pledge, CLICK HERE.