(CHICAGO) Mystery, Suspence, Hitchcock…Naked!

NGR-HITCHCOCKFor the fifth year in a row, Naked Girls Reading Chicago is hosting its annual Naked GHOULS Reading Halloween spectacular. But this year will be even more special. The bare lasses have decided to scare their pants off with a variety of readings from the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.

PLUS, there will be fun Hitchcockian themes for each segment (you will not want to miss this) AND a Hitchcock Costume Contest. So, don your best Psycho duds, grab a reservation and watch beautiful naked girls reading from some of literature’s most suspenseful moments.

“Drama is life with the dull parts cut out.” – Alfred Hitchcock

“Life is less dull with the clothed parts cut out.” – The Naked Girls

October 25th at the Everleigh Social Club

Doors open at 6:30pm. Show starts promptly at 7pm. BYOB.

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“The World’s Most Provocative Literary Salon…” (The Toronto Globe and Mail)