And the Winner Is…

The winner of our 2013 Literary Honors is:

Bradley Spinelli, Killing Williamsburg

Congratulations to Bradley Spinelli of New York for winning the 4th annual Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors. Spinelli submitted a few chapters from his novel and you can order the whole thing at

review by Michelle L’amour

Killing_WIlliamsburg_COVER-740x1024‘…The look in her eyes was distant and somehow familiar. 

She touched my shoulder and kissed it gently, and then stepped passed me and broke into a run, dashing through the railroad apartment, through the spare room she used as a closet, past the bedroom, running at full tilt through the living room and throwing her body into a dive, crashing through the window and disappearing from view.’

These days, it seems the world is obsessed with post-apocalyptic stories.  Viruses that knock out but a select few, vampire and zombie take overs, or financial collapse.  In Killing Williamsburg, Bradley Spinelli, puts a spin on this common theme.  What if the thing that was killing us was ourselves?

The story is set in hipster-mecca Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Everyone is looking for the next big thing that no one knows about.  Unfortunately, it turns out the next big thing is a sweeping suicide epidemic.  It’s starts with one, and then a few more, and then it spreads.  Benson, the main character keeps up his hipster apathy much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Olive.  If the city of New York doesn’t care about it, why should Benson?  He’s more concerned about where his next cocktail is coming from or what his next sexual conquest might be.  But, eventually, even he can’t help but take notice and take action.

Spinelli really takes you through the emotional gamut.  You feel apathy, then despair, urgency and hope.  Even if you put the book down, the stories stay with you.  This is the mark of a good author.   This naked girl highly recommends Killing Williamsburg.  It’s a killer read!