Know Your Naked Girls – Frankie Valentine

Half of our newest production team in Melbourne, Australia is the beautifully literate Frankie Valentine. She and partner Vesper White, launched just a couple of weeks ago at the coveted Garden of Unearthly Delights at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. They’ave already been darlings of the press and have had major celebrity readers like Fiona Patten, a politician in Australia.  They’re off to a terrific start, so we figured we should feature them in our Know Your Naked Girls.  Enjoy.

What are you currently reading?

Frankie03-smI am currently reading Norman Mailer’s The American Dream. Tough Guy’s Don’t Dance is an old favourite of mine and I stumbled across it in a second hand shop the other day.

It is very dark and twisted while still making you smile and laugh out loud, which is what I loved about Tough Guy’s Don’t Dance. It is a hard thing to reconcile the person with the work that he created! I’m not much of a fan of the late Mr Mailer’s views but I do enjoy some of his works.

What is your favorite book? Why?

Hmmm, one favourite, that’s tough. I don’t think I can narrow it down!

Frankie02-smJitterbug Perfume, by Tom Robbins is one of my all time favourites, I actually have a tattoo of Pan on my arm which was inspired by this book.

I love magical realists, Robbins, Gabriel García Márquez etc. I also spent many, many hours in my room as a late teenager/young adult, sometimes naked, forcing my lover at the time to to listen to me recite passages of Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson whilst drunk on something or other, these authors have a special place in my heart and on my bookshelf.

What is your least favorite book? Why?

I don’t have a least favourite, I will go with the last one I didn’t like.

The last book I really didn’t enjoy was actually a Nick Cave book called The Death Of Bunny Munro. I am a huge Nick Cave fan but i was so repulsed by the protagonist in this story so much so that I just couldn’t enjoy the book.

How long have you been reading naked?

Professionally for a month but I’ve been busted reading naked in my boudoir for at least a decade now!

What is it about reading naked that appeals to you?

Frankie01-smMy partner recently said to me “I think I’ve finally realized your’e a nudist, you’re naked at home, you’re naked at work, your naked in the garden and now you’re producing a show about it.”

I get to combine this with reading and amazing people. It’s appealing on so many levels!!

What are the best/worst things about reading naked in public?

I’m actually really enjoying it, I love it. The best thing is all these amazing women who have put their hands up to drop their robes for us and read naked.

I love my naked girls!! I am yet to have a worst but will keep you posted.

Tell me about your best naked reading experience?

Like I said, I’ve just recently boarded the Naked Girls Reading bandwagon, I decided to do this by jumping head first and doing an entire fringe season of 24 shows.

The experience as a whole has been amazing. A lot of fun, a lot of amazing women, a lot of amazing books and boobs!! We have had actors, writers, film makers, burlesque performers, a dominatrix and even a politician (Fiona Patten, founder of The Australian Sex Party) disrobing and reading for us.

It was and is an honour to share the stage with all of these amazing women.

I’m going to quote the founder of Naked Girls Reading for this one and say “Why not?”

What advice do you have for someone who wants to read naked?

Do it!!

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