(MELBOURNE) Does the Casting Couch!


Grab your popcorn and hold on to your choc-tops, the Naked Girls are back to give you an experience in 3D you won’t soon forget! Our literary starlets are rolling out the red carpet and inviting you to join NAKED GIRLS READING – MELBOURNE in August on… “THE CASTING COUCH!”

Celluloid secrets will be stripped bare as we dish the dirt on shocking Hollywood scandals, Golden Age romance, classic scripts, film-maker follies, behind-the-scenes accounts, tell-all biographies and other reel world reveals… Lynch, Kubrick, Astaire, Dietrich, Tarantino, Ebert, Bogart, Bacall and between. Everything from “Rebel Without A Crew” to “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star”.

And Frankie Valentine’s rendition of “Basic Instinct” has to be seen to be believed… THE CASTING COUCH is coming soon. Rated L for Literature.