The Naked Girls want you to SUBMIT!

Patty Templeton wins Naked Girls Reading award 2010
Patty Templeton wins Naked Girls Reading award 2010

It’s that time again.  For the second year in a row, we are launching our  Naked Girls Reading LITERARY PRIZE!  Last year we awarded the $500 prize to Patty Templeton.  And THIS year we’re inviting “gut level” writers all over the globe to submit original writing for a chance to win our fan/reader-funded literary prize of at LEAST $2000.  That’s a 400% increase in the prize money (we know writers aren’t always good at math).  Not only that, but at our Naked Girls Reading HONORS event in November, an international array of Naked Girls will read selections from our finalists at the celebration.

So here’s your chance.  If you consider yourself a “gut level” writer, check out the rules below and SUBMIT!

Deadline for Submissions is Sept 1st, 2011.

Acceptable Submissions:

Naked Girls Reading is looking for exceptional writing in the areas of Short Fiction, Poetry, Criticism and Erotica.  If you consider your writing to be “gut level”, this is the contest for you.


Naked Girls Reading LITERARY HONORS is a completely grass roots, reader driven literary prize.  All prize money will be raised through our account at and will be divided between all of the categories as well as a “Best in Show” and will total at LEAST $2000.

Submission Rules:

  1. We accept both paper and electronic submissions.  All written works must be submitted in accordance with the “How to Submit” rules below.
  2. To submit, you must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Submissions must be your own original content.
  4. Although entries remain the property of the writer, Naked Girls Reading retains the unrestricted right to publish any submission.
  5. All submissions must be in English.  Translations are acceptable, but must be accompanied by the original text.
  6. All electronic submissions must be less than 100k in file size (including any cover art, photos or illustrations – which we don’t recommend).  All paper submissions must be no more than 10 pages, double spaced (including any cover art, photos or illustrations – which we don’t recommend).
  7. You may submit as many works as you wish, provided that you enter the LITERARY HONORS separately for each work.  Any work that is submitted separately, or is not properly submitted (ie: a separate reading/submission fee is not paid), will not be eligible for the prize.
  8. Submissions may be published or unpublished material.  However, if a written work has been previously published  you must clearly notate it as such, along with the date and name of publication.  You must also prove that you have the right to resubmit and that you can assign us republishing rights without difficulty.
  9. Deadline for all submissions is September 1st, 2011.

How to Submit:

  1. First make your Submission Fee payment of $10 via PayPal to  Please include your Legal Name and the Name of your WRITTEN WORK.  Alternately, you may send a check for $10, made payable to Studio L’amour along with your paper submission.
  2. Make sure that the following information is included AS A COVER PAGE of your written work:  TITLE OF WORK, LEGAL NAME, FULL ADDRESS, CONTACT PHONE, EMAIL ADDRESS, PSEUDONYM (if applicable) and CATEGORY (Fiction, Poetry, Criticism, Erotica).  VERY IMPORTANT – It is also required that you include a personally selected excerpt of your work of no more than 100 words and include it as a last page of your submission.  This excerpt will be used as part of the LITERARY HONORS blog.  Any submission that does not include this information will not be considered.
  3. Paper Submissions: Mail Three (3) paper copies of your work to Naked Girls Reading, 939 W Randolph, Suite 3W, Chicago, IL  60607 – along with a check as listed above.
  4. Electronic Submissions: Upload your written work to your Google Doc account.  The file name MUST be as follows: “name of author last first  – name of story” (ie: “Aldobar, Fernando – Jerry Takes a Spill”).  If you do not have a Google Docs account, sign up for free at Once your written work is uploaded, share it with
  5. Now, we’ve got your written work.  Once we make sure it meets all of the submission requirements, we will send you an email confirming our receipt.