The Naked Girls of Austin, TX are beautiful, brainy, and big hearted.

Each show, the girls team up with a different local charity, raising funds and awareness for myriad causes in the Lone Star State. Here’s the latest report from producer and reader GlamAmour:

“We just finished our SciFi edition here in Austin, where we raffled off the books we read to raise money for a local charity, Girl Start. Girl Start runs after-school programs and a summer camp for girls who are interested in Science Technology, Engineering and Math. Since its inception, Girl Start has served more than 30,000 girls and 5,500 teachers and families through school- and community-based programs held at the Girl Start STEM Center in Austin and other venues throughout Central Texas. Programming included after school clubs, summer camps, science career conferences and expos, large-scale science events for families, teacher workshops, online teaching and learning resources, and virtual learning communities. Through the generosity of our audience we were able to raise almost enough for one girl’s full scholarship to attend their summer camp program! We have a very generous audience! To find out more about Girl Start and the amazing work that they do visit them HERE.”

Don’t you just love a girl who knows how to give?
Keep it up, Austin!


…But we’re not hostile, we promise. ūüėČ

Naked Girls Reading is thrilled to announce our impending world domination. Just kidding Рbut we are tingling with excitement over the introduction of new chapters and the re-launch of existing ones across the globe!

AUSTIN, TX opened their chapter under the soft, guiding hand of local performer/producer Miss GlamAmour in early 2013, and they appear to be unstoppable! With two home-run salons under their belt and another on the horizon (“SCIFI Edition,” on May 15th!), these girls are leading the charge against illiteracy and clothing with grace as well as enthusiasm. Miss GlamAmour’s most recent report from the front lines reads:

“GlamAmour here – from Naked Girls Reading: Austin where we’ve just had our second production: Dirty Deeds! We dug in the dirt with Kathy Reich’s ‚ÄúDevil Bones‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúThe Secret Garden” by Francis Hodgson Burnett, and shared dirty secrets from ‚ÄúEast of Eden‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúSecret Historian: The life and times of Samuel Steward, Professor Tattoo Artists and Sexual Renegade.‚Ä̬†

‘Dirty Deeds’ was part of the South By Southwest Interactive. SXSWi participants had a multitude of fabulous events to choose from each night, and we were delighted to have so many spend their evening with the Naked Girls of Austin, TX!”

Lament the absence of Naked Girls Reading in the southeast no more!  Instead, prepare to be rendered speechless because the newly-minted Naked Girls of RICHMOND, VA will take the words right out of your mouth.

Richmond¬†¬†will open its’ doors in Spring of 2013, and we can’t wait! ¬†Stay tuned for news of their inaugural salon and make sure to ‘Like’ their Facebook page in the meantime.



In case you missed the magic in Dallas last night at “Naked G33k Girls Reading” at All-Con, here are some upcoming Naked Girls Reading salons you won’t want to miss!¬†

TONIGHT!! AUSTIN: “Dirty Deeds” 3/9 ¬†– ¬†Dirty Deeds, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dirty Little Secrets. Naked Girls reading is digging up the dirt on whole lot of different subjects to share with you. RSVP HERE

D.C. : “Urban Legends” 3/15 ¬†– ¬†Come join us as we bid a spooky farewell to our official Naked Horror expert, Roma Mafia, with a performance of scary tales and legends.¬†DC’s Naked Girls return from a brief hiatus to bring our brand of sexiness to some legends old and new. Urban Legends will showcase tales of icy bath tubs, skin walkers and thin men! RSVP HERE, TICKETS HERE

CHICAGO: “Come Into My Parlour” (Fourth Anniversary Show!) ¬†3/15 ¬†– ¬†Revisiting the theme from the first-ever Naked Girls Reading(“Courtesans”), the ladies of our flagship chapter will be joined by chapter producers from around the globe for an evening of sumptuous stories and – of course – birthday cake! TICKETS HERE

NEW YORK: “New York Stories” ¬†3/20 ¬†– ¬†There are a million stories in the naked city – and Naked Girls Reading wants to share them with you! New York’s “Best Story Hour” (The Village Voice Best of NY) presents tales of the Big Apple at Naked Girls Reading NEW YORK STORIES: the hit nude literary salon celebrates The Capital Of The World with stories of the streets, legends of the Empire City, and the poetry, prose and history of downtown, uptown, and everything in between. RSVP HERE

NEW ORLEANS “Desire: A Tribute to Tennessee Williams” ¬†3/20 ¬†– ¬†The steamy words of Tennessee Williams have never looked so good. ¬†Join the Naked Girls of New Orleans for a one-of-a-kind event that will leave you sweating like a cool mint julep left on the porch on a hot summer‚Äôs day. TICKETS¬†HERE

Save the dates, make it a road trip, and spice up your weekends in March!  You can thank us later.

Join the Revolution for F-READ-om!

RND-LOGO-HEADER“They may take our clothing, but they’ll never take…our FREADOM!”

You know that’s what Mel was really thinking during the filming of that irrelevant pop culture reference.

Well, maybe not, but you can now use it as your personal battle cry! ¬†Join people all over the world on July 5th in doffing their clothing and picking up a good book. ¬†Naked Girls Reading has declared that day from this point forward as International READ NAKED DAY. ¬†Stay tuned to www.ReadNakedDay.com which will launch very soon to get details on how you can be involved in bringing back the ritual of reading. ¬†Help us in our fight and you could become a READ WARRIOR. ¬†Just make sure when you’re reading, the only thing you wear is blue face paint.