In case you missed the magic in Dallas last night at “Naked G33k Girls Reading” at All-Con, here are some upcoming Naked Girls Reading salons you won’t want to miss! 

TONIGHT!! AUSTIN: “Dirty Deeds” 3/9  –  Dirty Deeds, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dirty Little Secrets. Naked Girls reading is digging up the dirt on whole lot of different subjects to share with you. RSVP HERE

D.C. : “Urban Legends” 3/15  –  Come join us as we bid a spooky farewell to our official Naked Horror expert, Roma Mafia, with a performance of scary tales and legends. DC’s Naked Girls return from a brief hiatus to bring our brand of sexiness to some legends old and new. Urban Legends will showcase tales of icy bath tubs, skin walkers and thin men! RSVP HERE, TICKETS HERE

CHICAGO: “Come Into My Parlour” (Fourth Anniversary Show!)  3/15  –  Revisiting the theme from the first-ever Naked Girls Reading(“Courtesans”), the ladies of our flagship chapter will be joined by chapter producers from around the globe for an evening of sumptuous stories and – of course – birthday cake! TICKETS HERE

NEW YORK: “New York Stories”  3/20  –  There are a million stories in the naked city – and Naked Girls Reading wants to share them with you! New York’s “Best Story Hour” (The Village Voice Best of NY) presents tales of the Big Apple at Naked Girls Reading NEW YORK STORIES: the hit nude literary salon celebrates The Capital Of The World with stories of the streets, legends of the Empire City, and the poetry, prose and history of downtown, uptown, and everything in between. RSVP HERE

NEW ORLEANS “Desire: A Tribute to Tennessee Williams”  3/20  –  The steamy words of Tennessee Williams have never looked so good.  Join the Naked Girls of New Orleans for a one-of-a-kind event that will leave you sweating like a cool mint julep left on the porch on a hot summer’s day. TICKETS HERE

Save the dates, make it a road trip, and spice up your weekends in March!  You can thank us later.

Know Your Naked Girls – Michelle L’amour

In 2009, a bevy of beautiful ladies in Chicago decided to take a chance on a little event they called Naked Girls Reading.  Response was immediately positive and chapters began springing up in other cities.  To celebrate Naked Girls Reading’s Four Year Anniversary, we’ve decided to launch a new monthly series called “Know Your Naked Girls”.  This gives you a chance to know a little more about the ladies who doff their clothing and read to you on a regular basis.  Plus it’s an excuse to publish more sexy pictures, videos, etc! It’s kind of like a Naked Girls Reading centerfold – without the staples.

First up, we get to know the founder of Naked Girls Reading, Michelle L’amour.

IMG_1341What are you currently reading?  Then Again by Diane Keaton
What is your favorite book? Why? I don’t have a favorite book.  There is just too many to choose from and I’m too moody for favorites.
What is your least favorite book? Why? The Fermata by Nicholas Baker.  I wanted to throw this book across the room many times.  We read it for a book club and I just wanted to finish it to see if there was any sort of redemption, but there wasn’t.  It’s about a guy who discovers he can stop time.  Basically, it’s a new way for him to fuck girls and not have them know about it.  Not into it.
How long have you been reading naked? Professionally, 4 years.  Personally…I don’t remember.  Probably started in college.  Naked study time.
What is it about reading naked that appeals to you? None of those pesky clothes get in the way of the page turn.
What are the best/worst things about reading naked in public? I still get nervous.  I do.  I’ve been doing burlesque for 10 years and reading publicly for 4.  Being naked is not the hard part, it’s the reading.   I think some people who come want to automatically dismiss you because you are naked.  You can’t be naked AND intelligent.  So, there’s a little pressure to not sound like an idiot when you’re reading.  Plus, you just want the audience to like your selection as much as you do.  It’s such a vulnerable position.  You are baring your body and your soul.  It makes for a very intimate atmosphere.  I believe that in itself is the best and worst thing about reading naked in public.
Tell me about your best naked reading experience? Again, there are too many.  I have cried while reading on stage because I was too moved by the reading.  Let me tell you, I am not getting into the ‘Naked Girls Crying’ game.  You feel your voice start to shake and your heart beats faster.  You start to sweat and your breath catches, and then that first tear hits your naked breast and it’s all over.  Oh man.  I’m a sap.

I think one of the best and most ridiculous times I’ve had reading is when we all dressed as ‘KISS’ for Naked Girls ROCK.  I was ‘The Demon’.  Who knew that was the perfect role for me!  I seriously, loved it!  Before then, I don’t think I really understood the makeup, but once you’re in it and you’re naked, it’s kind of awesome.  Especially, when you don’t take your makeup off and you’re driving home and people in the car next to you freak out.  I also think it’s just super fun to be a naked lady ‘dressed’ as a boy.  Along with ‘The Demon’, I’ve been Charlie Chaplin (with a mustache on top and bottom), Zorro (guess where the ‘Z’ was) and Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Oh, and I should tell you about my tan lines.  That was a ‘costume’ for me one year for Naked Ghouls Reading.  I am NEVER tan and I never have tan lines.  So, I just thought it would be hilarious if that was my costume, just tan lines.  I taped off a tiny bikini with electrical tape and then used the Pantyhose in a Bottle to dye my skin.  Let it set, then took off the tape.  Voila! Tan lines!
Why Naked Girls Reading? Why not?
What advice do you have for someone who wants to read naked? Get a book. Take off your clothes. Read.

If you are doing it publicly, you must present yourself.  Sit up straight, speak with authority and wear some fabulous heels.

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[NEW ORLEANS] DESIRE: a Tribute to Tennessee Williams

DESIRE-NOLA01WEBThe steamy words of Tennessee Williams have never looked so good.  Join the Naked Girls of New Orleans for a one-of-a-kind event that will leave you sweating like a cool mint julep left on the porch on a hot summer’s day.

If you’re a fan of Southern Literature, Mr. Williams, or heck, of naked girls – this is the place to be.

March 20th 9pm at the Paris Room

720 St Louis (upstairs from Cafe Soule, across from Antoine’s). Doors open at 8pm.


(Chicago) Come Into My Parlor

come-into-my-parlor-webIt’s Our 4th Birthday

Wow, time flies.  We’ve been reading naked for adoring audiences for four years and are happy to invite you to our party.  We promise to wear our best birthday suits.

For the readings, we’re going back where it all started.  Our very first them ever (March 2009) was “Courtesans” and related tales.  So, we are revisiting this tantalizing topic and serving birthday cake.  We’ll also feature guest readers from some of the other international chapters that have started in the last four years.

It’s a birthday party like no other and you’re invited.

March 15


“The World’s Most Provocative Literary Salon…” (The Toronto Globe and Mail)


VDAYCHICAGOHappy Valentine’s Day, Chicago!

We’re giving you not one BUT TWO great shows to celebrate this most sexy holiday.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, Michelle L’amour – founder of Naked Girls Reading – takes the stage at the Park West with her world famous Chicago Starlets for her TENTH ANNIVERSARY “Big SEXY  Show” – a burlesque extravaganza that’s bigger and sexier than anything else you can possibly do that night…at least until you get home.  FOR DETAILS AND TICKETS CLICK HERE.

And as if that’s not all, join Michelle L’amour, Greta Layne and Honey Halfpint the following night, February 15th for an erotic fantasy come true as the original Naked Girls Reading chapter brings you “Bedtime Stories” at the Everleigh Social Club.  See both shows and we can virtually guarantee you’ll close the deal with the one you love.  At least we’ll put the deal on the table. THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT. PLEASE JOIN US FOR BIG SEXY SHOW AT THE PARK WEST FOR VALENTINE’S DAY. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Both of these shows are expected sell out so be sure to get your reservations now.

[CHICAGO] Time for Night Night

BedtimeStories 2013Add Some Heat to Your Valentine’s Date!

This ain’t no dinner, movie and box o’ chocolates!  Spend the waning twilight hours of your evening with beautiful naked girls as they lull you into a trance with erotic readings and fantastic tales in “Bedtime Stories”.

Surprise your Valentine with one of the sexiest dates imaginable. Slip between the sheets with us for a decadent night like no other.  This night will stay with you long after you’ve gone home and gone to bed (notice we didn’t say “to sleep”).

February 15th in Chicago (at the Everleigh Social Club)

This event is SOLD OUT.  Please join us at BIG SEXY Show on Valentine’s Day at the Park West – click here for information.

“The World’s Most Provocative Literary Salon…” (The Toronto Globe and Mail)

Girls Gone Oscar Wilde!

NGR-WILDE-WEB01It’s time for a walk on the Wilde side.  The words of the world’s favorite 19th Century dandy come alive as never before when the Naked Girls of Chicago throw their knickers to the wind for Salome, Dorian Grey and some of the sharpest witticisms ever witticismed.

See why Wilde was so controversial, even today.  Let the birds of our flagship cast get starkers and expose some of the most endearing stories of this influential artiste.

It will be a night you won’t soon forget.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…let’s face it, you’ll be aroused.

Get Wilde with us!

January 11th in Chicago (at the Everleigh Social Club)


“The World’s Most Provocative Literary Salon…” (The Toronto Globe and Mail)

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like (Naked) Christmas!

It’s a Naked Girls holiday tradition. Join us as we doff our gay apparel and take to the stage for a reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” in addition to other holiday favorites. Spiked hot chocolate and nudity will both warm your chestnuts on this festive occasion.

Purchase a ticket and download a special Naked Girls Reading Christmas Card!

December 14th in Chicago (at the Everleigh Social Club)

Doors open at 7pm.  Reservations Required.  Make yours now by CLICKING HERE.

“The World’s Most Provocative Literary Salon…” (The Toronto Globe and Mail)

And the Winner Is…

Join us November 16th in Chicago for the third annual Literary Honors Award Gala where Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Naked Girls will be awarding a cash prize for excellence to an emerging writer.

We received submissions from all over the world and judges have finally made their decisions.  This is a night that is not to be missed.  Witness history as a burgeoning young writer gets one of the most coveted prizes in the literary world, at least the naked literary world.

Reservations are required.  Get yours now by CLICKING HERE.