Join the Revolution for F-READ-om!

RND-LOGO-HEADER“They may take our clothing, but they’ll never take…our FREADOM!”

You know that’s what Mel was really thinking during the filming of that irrelevant pop culture reference.

Well, maybe not, but you can now use it as your personal battle cry!  Join people all over the world on July 5th in doffing their clothing and picking up a good book.  Naked Girls Reading has declared that day from this point forward as International READ NAKED DAY.  Stay tuned to which will launch very soon to get details on how you can be involved in bringing back the ritual of reading.  Help us in our fight and you could become a READ WARRIOR.  Just make sure when you’re reading, the only thing you wear is blue face paint.

Naked Girls Rock in Madison and Chicago – San Francisco Opens NGRSF – Seattle NGR Reads at Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

Get ready to rock in Madison (May 21) and Chicago (May 2) as Naked Girls Reading tackles the rock-n-roll lifestyle and all it’s debauchery.  And if you go to the Chicago event, you can challenge your favorite Naked Girl to a round of Naked Guitar Hero (see the video here)!

San Francisco will be the next city to open a Naked Girls Reading franchise on May 15th with a reading of The Wild Party at the Center for Sex and Culture.  Don’t miss Carol Queen, Dottie Lux, Isis Starr, Kimberlee Cline, Lady Monster and Ruby Vixen as they inaugurate the Bay Area with some nekkid readin’.  Sponsored by Last Gasp Books, Good Vibrations and the Center for Sex and Culture.

And as if THAT’s not all – the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival has asked Naked Girls Reading to do a two-night feature, April 30th and May 1st.  If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, make your way to those events and show your support for erotic art and beautifully unclad ladies who read.

In other news – NGR Boston goes down the rabbit hole on April 23rd and NGR New York heads to the movies on May 7th.

Stay tune for an announcement of our first ever Naked Girls Reading Literary Prize contest…