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the Paris Review

It is something of a middle finger and a stroke, all at once. And it is a turn-on, sure, but you forget about all that because the words really do take center focus until they don’t, but then they do again. It is a sex-cerebellum clusterfuck. But sometimes, clusterfucks can be fun. You have to think in order to navigate them.

the Paris Review

…the combination of nudity and reading might appear tawdry to some, it is perhaps reminiscent of the nudity of the ancient Greek Olympics, showing that nudity has a long tradition of being the ideal way of performing in front of audiences.

Verso-Recto (LONDON)

Bare breasts are a wonderful reading accessory.

The Stranger

The most provocative literary series in the world.

The Toronto Globe and Mail

This could change my mind about reading.

Steve Dahl Show (CHICAGO)

The best thing to happen to books since they were put on tape.

Last Call with Carson Daly

…a MUST!


This is genius!


A refreshing reminder that the literary and the carnal can live in silly harmony.

The Stranger (SEATTLE)

We have seen the future.  The future is naked.

Broadway World

What did you get up to last Friday night? If you answered anything other than “went to Naked Girls Reading,” you lose.


Appropriately racy…

Entertainment Weekly

This could change the nature of author events, liven up the library and put a shimmy in the book industry.

The Daily Radar

Delight in the wondrous splendor that is Naked Girls.

Chicago Tribune – Sex in the Windy City

One of the hottest and sauciest shows of the summer!

Dallas Examiner

…body and culture are melted…an artistic phenomenon…

Eclipse (ROME)

If reading is in crisis, Naked Girls Reading is the solution!

Affaritaliani (ITALY)

…paroxysms of delight. Seriously.

Cultural Capitol

Frankly, we’re a little annoyed that New Yorkers didn’t think of this first—seriously, how did that happen?

The Village Voice

Intoxicating…more than just titillation…a remarkable experience.


“Their quips and laughter in-between (and during) their readings make the show feel so natural that you occasionally forget they’re nude. In a world where women’s bodies are decidedly sexualised, this is a refreshing change.” ★★★★★ 5 stars

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